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Discover the great and small secrets of the main masterpieces of the museum thanks to our audio-video guides. Who are the bride and groom in the famous painting "The Wedding Procession" by Jan Breughel? What does the legend of Our Lady of the Sablon tell us, illustrated in this exceptional tapestry of the same name? Of what is the intriguing White Manneken-Pis by the Brazilian artist Afranio Fonseca de Paula made of?
By scanning a QR code with your smartphone or by using a tablet made available by the museum, the works will be revealed to you in both sound and image.

Tablet rental price: €2

With your smartphone and headphones: free or go to the works...

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Under the Ancien Régime, Brussels was part of the Duchy of Brabant, which from 1430 was integrated into a conglomerate of territories called the "Low Countries" and  subsequently the "Southern Low Countries". An explanatory table shows the succession of those families who held the title of "Duke of Brabant".