Coffee jug

This coffee jug was made in the Monplaisir factory between 1786 and 1791. The “Manufacture Impériale et Royale Monplaisir” was the first real porcelain factory in Brussels. However, its existence was short-lived; after five years, production was already stopped.

Monplaisir pieces are often very finely decorated, both with floral motifs and gilding. This coffee pot is a good example. Coffee and tea sets were the main products made there.

This piece was purchased at auction in 2020 and was part of the Demeuldre family’s private collection.

Demeuldre, the last porcelain factory in Brussels

Demeuldre was the last porcelain factory in Brussels and ceased its industrial activities in 1953. From then on, they devoted themselves exclusively to selling porcelain, crystal, glassware and gold and silverwork. The sale took place in the shop and exhibition hall of the former factory.

The workshops were demolished around 1960 and only the shop and the exhibition hall remained. As a result, the shop closed in 2020 and the iconic building that housed it, as well as part of the family’s private collection, were sold.

Why did we include this work in our collections?

  • The decoration on this coffee pot is of very high quality. The colours are very well done, there are very fine drawings and the gilded dot pattern is rather rare.
  • We find here a combination of many elements such as gilding, grisailles, garlands, arabesques, oak leaves, etc. that bring together the various typical Monplaisir decorations.


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