Maison du Roi

The Museum of the City of Brussels is located in the historic centre of the city, on the Grand-Place, the most famous and frequently visited location in the capital. It resides in a neo-Gothic style building known as the Maison du Roi in French and Broodhuis in Dutch. The two names go some way to explaining the history of the building: Broodhuis refers to its first incarnation, as a bread market in the 13th century, while Maison du Roi refers to the titles of the owner of the building, the Duke of Brabant. In the 16th century, this was Charles V, “King” of Spain.

The first masterpiece of the museum, the building was listed in its entirety in 1936 (one of the first in Belgium) and has been listed alongside the Grand-Place as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2000.