The Grand Place to Be

The Brussels City Museum is happy and proud to offer its visitors a room dedicated entirely to the Grand-Place: its history, its heritage, its daily life in winter and in summer ...

A true behind-the-scenes discovery of the most beautiful square in the world!

Visit from your home

Getting out and about is easier said than done at the moment. So why not check out our “The Grand Place to Be”  from the comfort of your own home? Immerse yourself in this virtual tour to learn more about the history of the Grand-Place in Brussels, its heritage and daily life in winter and summer alike...

Thanks to the magic of technology, the five metre high original statue of Saint Michael will be your host and guide you through rare and exclusive displays. Paintings, artefacts, engravings and photographs illustrate the eventful history, various functions, uses and transformations of the square from the 12th century right through to the present day. You can also take a look at its restoration projects. This is your chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at the most beautiful square in the world. There is plenty to learn and, more importantly, lots of fun to be had!

The museum created the “The Grand Place to Be” virtual tour with the assistance of Scan My World. Presented by Brussels Museums &