The Grand Place to Be

The Brussels City Museum is happy and proud to offer its visitors a room dedicated entirely to the Grand-Place: its history, its heritage, its daily life in winter and in summer ...

Standing five metres tall, the original statue of Saint Michael guides the visitor through some rare and previously unseen rooms. Paintings, objects, engravings and photographs illustrate the square’s eventful history, its various functions and uses and its transformations from the 12th century to today. The restoration workshops are presented to the public for the first time.

A true behind-the-scenes discovery of the most beautiful square in the world!

An unprecedented virtual reality experience

The bombing of the Grand-Place in 1695

The experience allows users to be visually immersed in the Grand-Place before the 1695 bombing. As if in a time machine, users find themselves back on the square in the 17th century. They can observe the different houses, the Town Hall, the Maison du Roi... buildings that are very different from what they could see before entering the museum. Suddenly, a cannonball strikes the cobbles. The impact is intense. Then, a house goes up in flames… Night falls and the ashes fly away. Users really experience the bombing. The square wakes up in ruins, but not for long. Visitors take part in the reconstruction of the buildings and are eventually reunited with the modern day Grand-Place. Archaeologists, historians and architects have been involved in the conception of this virtual reality in order to adhere to historical fact as closely as possible.

To develop the virtual reality experience, the museum called on the services of Eternitease:

Prices : € 1