Flower Carpet 2024

From 15.08.24 > 18.08.24

Every two years, the Flower Carpet adds even more magnificence to the world’s most beautiful city square, with thousands of flowers. This year an ephemeral creation by Océane Cornille will take over the Grand-Place for four days. This Liège-based artist specialised in street art has come up with Rhizome, a tribute to Brussels and Art Nouveau.

For the 23rd Flower Carpet, dahlias will take over from begonias. These dahlias are grown in Belgium, and they are hardy, attractive flowers. They will form more than 80% of this work, which covers a total area of 1,600 m².

Practical details

  • The museum will be opening its first floor balcony, especially for the Flower Carpet:
    – Thursday 15 August, 2 pm to 6 pm
    – Friday 16 August to Sunday 18 August, 10 am to 6 pm
  • Due to the large number of visitors during the Flower Carpet, visitors will be allowed to enter the museum to access the balcony until 5.15 pm
  • Admission to the museum is compulsory, even if you are only intending to visit the balcony; see our admission fees
  • There is a charge to access the balcony: admission is €2 per person
  • You can buy your tickets via our online platform (balcony access = additional options)
  • Find out more about the flower carpet here