Renaissance weekend

From 10.07.21 > 11.07.21

Plunge into the heart of the Renaissance in Brussels! Works from the museum’s collection will be presented in a different perspective to guide you through history.

Flash visits (15’)
11:00 & 15:00: Today, you are guests at the Coudenberg Palace.Zoom in on the painting by Lucas van Gassel.
11:45 & 14:15: Open your eyes and discover this tapestry cartoon with a flashlight.
13:15 & 15:45: Dive into the 16th-century city, and Jacob van Deventer’s map of the city will reveal its secrets to you.

Hearing legends (15’)
13:15, 16:30: Charles V tells his story. Our storytellers will unveil legends and tales about the Emperor.

Renaissance Music by the Cannamella ensemble (20’)
11:00, 11:40, 13:20, 14:00, 14:40, 15:20, 16:00

Games, non-stop
Our famous Saluzzo Altarpiece, Brueghel’s Wedding Procession, and the Three Graces come to life thanks to you.

Practical information

  • Due to sanitary measures, the reservation of your visit is compulsory via our reservation platform
  • Some activities may be adapted
  • All activities are included in the admission fee to the museum, see the tarifs

Renaissance wk