From 21.06.22 > 11.09.22

How can a museum remain innovative and interesting to its returning visitors? By permanently enriching the museum collection with new acquisitions, for example! The museum team completes them, taking into account the links between the works and the museum’s missions as well as any gaps.

The Brussels City Museum takes the urban landscape as its starting point in Brussels. Through a series of recently acquired works, visitors discover this theme, which is dear to artists, in a new light. The few works on display allow us to reconstruct the evolution of the city while critically examining it. The representation of the inhabitants of Brussels also remains a major axis for the enrichment of the collections. The museum tries to reflect the great diversity of the city.

Thanks to an elaborate route, you can already admire some of these artworks in the permanent exhibition. Since the vast majority are kept in the museum’s storage facilities, it is high time to show a selection of them to the public as well!