A noble family in the courtyard of their residence

This painting represents a wealthy Brussels family in the courtyard of their residence. Colourful outfits and musical instruments evoke a festive atmosphere. An important man has come to visit the family. The features of the kneeling person’s outfit give credence to this fact!

But is this visitor a prince?

The location of the residence is identified in particular owing to the tower in the background. Located in front of the Madeleine church, this traditional baroque residence in Brussels has long since disappeared. We can also distinguish the tower of the Town Hall on the right-hand side of the painting. The painter has played with perspective to include this iconic element.


A reference work



This painting offers a rare and extraordinary testimony of what was a patrician residence of Renaissance and Baroque times in Brussels. Thanks to the support of the King Baudouin Foundation and two patrons, the museum is able to showcase this work. Its fascinating history can be discovered here