Discover the collections online

The inventory of the museum’s collections is available online. 

Immerse yourself in the works:
- exhibited at the museum itself 
- stored in the archives
-     displayed in the City Hall and other institutions of the City of Brussels. Did you know that the museum team manages all of the works (paintings, sculptures, tapestries, etc.) that are part of the city's heritage?  

The collections are available here

 The movable inventory of the Brussels-Capital Region

Since 2014, the Brussels-Capital Region has been working on developing an inventory to showcase the wealth of Brussels' movable cultural heritage to the general public. This inventory also educates visitors and researchers about heritage preservation. 

The Museum has inventory management tools but no possibility of showcasing the collections to the public. With this in mind, the Brussels City Museum joined a regional project in 2017, alongside other Brussels institutions, such as the IRPA, the Museum of Ixelles and the Horta Museum. This collaborative project made it possible to develop an inventory of movable cultural heritage that best meets the expectations of the museums and researchers as well as the general public.