The Brussels-based artist Oussama Tabti was born in Algiers in 1988. His work questions a sealed-off geopolitics made up of insurmountable borders and of introverted cultures. In his own distinctive way, he denounces the difficulty of moving about in a world that, while globalised, is also suspicious, afraid of the “foreigner” and of difference.

His work is exhibited at festivals, galleries, museums and art centres, such as at the CENTRALE for contemporary art during the exhibition titled Alien (28.04>18.09.2022).

The artist Oussama Tabti has created a series of 7 “intercoms”. The 2nd one now enters our collections. A type of doorbell that is typically found in many Brussels neighbourhoods. It contains 5 testimonies that can be listened to via 4 doorbells. A great opportunity for the museum to represent the diversity of today’s Brussels inhabitants , through moving testimonies and an object that may appear unusual but is very common in our city.

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You can find more details about the work in its inventory entry, available here