Tools for your visit

The Grand Place To Be_Brussels City Museum © E.Gomez

Preparing for your visit

The Brussels City Museum provides you with tools to help you better understand its collections and the history of Brussels. If you want to know more already, you can find:

The Grand Place To Be_Brussels City Museum © E.Gomez

Room Tapestry_Brussels City Museum © A.Anoni

At the Museum

During your visit, the museum offers you:

  • an audiovisual guide that tells you about 20 works in our collections. Discover this tool
  • interactive terminals to help you better understand the creation and production of the works

Feel free to ask our reception team for more information.
They will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Room Tapestry_Brussels City Museum © A.Anoni

The Senne runs through our veins

The Senne runs through our veins

With your smartphone, go back in time and discover the unique history of the vaulting of the Senne.

Since 1871, the Senne, a river that was inseparable from the daily lives of Brussels inhabitants, has disappeared from the city centre. What happened to this river? Go to the Halles Saint-Géry to start this digital walk. The interactive content, entertaining quests and wonderful illustrations accompanying this scavenger hunt help you imagine exactly what these neighbourhoods looked like before they were irreversibly changed.

Your mission? Revive the memories of the river Senne, the mother of all Brussels residents.

Ready for a bit of time travel?
Download the Baludik app and choose the treasure hunt titled: The Senne runs through our veins

Practical details

  • Leaving from: Halles Saint-Géry/ Arriving at: The Sewer Museum
  • Distance: 2 km
  • Time: 1h30
  • Free
  • This walk includes audio capsules. For your comfort, bring your earphones along
  • Individually or with a group. If you are a large group, split up into small groups (max. 6 people each)

Houses Grand-Place

Houses of the Grand-Place

The houses of the Grand-Place, such as La Louve (The She-Wolf), le Roi d’Espagne (The King of Spain), le Moulin à Vent (The Windmill) and La Rose, arouse curiosity and give rise to questions. Their sumptuous Baroque ornaments are still a feast for the eyes. But these decorative features are no accident! Find out about the history, the symbols and the secret of these houses in just a few clicks.

Practical information

  • The module on the Houses of the Grand-Place is available here, as well as at the museum
  • Search easily by the name of the house, the date of construction, the corporation that owns the building, etc. With the zoom function, you can discover every tiny detail of the façades
  • Available in 5 languages: French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish