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A short break in your visit to the museum.

By means of a little-known topic or an episode on the history of Brussels, the treasures of the museum’s reserves are unveiled to visitors. Take the time to discover the curators’ selection of works that you will see nowhere else.

Every four months, there is a new display. It is accompanied by visits organized by Midday at the Museum or lectures that examine the topic in greater detail.

Practical information

  • Bracketed space: admission included with the museum’s entry ticket
  • Now: Over to women artists (20.09.22 > 05.02.23)


M-A. Kindt, Allégorie de la révolution de 1830, 1831 © J. Geleyns

Over to women artists

From September 20 to February 5, 2023

The exhibition ‘Over to women artists’ sets aside the representation of women as merely models, to focus on women creators.
By drawing on its collections, the museum asks questions about its works beyond what they represent: muses, women saints, allegories, etc. What traces remain of women when these traditional representations are put aside? Who are these women who have marked history and left their indelible mark on the artistic production of their eras?

Putting the work of women artists in the spotlight is a passionate and necessary exercise.


Moke Fils_Matonge_2013


From June 21 to September 11, 2022

How can a museum remain innovative and interesting to its returning visitors? By permanently enriching the museum collection with new acquisitions, for example!

Brussels City Museum takes the city as its starting point. The team behind the museum is constantly thinking about the collection, how it relates to its mission and whether there are any gaps. The history of Brussels is long and complex, as its witnesses and relics testify. It is a great challenge to translate this complexity into a coherent collection.

How does this work? A dynamic collaboration between various partners is the core to enrich the collection. Who are these partners? The collection team with curators and museum collection managers, sellers, depositors, donors, informants, experts, colleagues from other museums, etc. The most important patron is undoubtedly the City of Brussels council. The museum can pursue an active purchasing policy thanks to grants from the City of Brussels council.

In this new exhibition, Brussels City Museum wishes to introduce visitors to the acquisitions of the past five years. Around 120 new artworks have found their way to the museum or its reserves. Some items were given for safekeeping, others were bought or donated.

Thanks to an elaborate route, you can already admire some of these artworks in the permanent exhibition. Since the vast majority are kept in the museum’s storage facilities, it is high time to show a selection of them to the public as well!

B. Brolet, Portrait of Maman wearing the dress made by Serge Koeckoekx, 2012

LGBTQIA+ BXL, Collecting memories

From February 22 to June 14, 2022

The Brussels City Archives and Museums recently held a collection of objects relating to the history of LGBTQIA+* movements and cultures in our capital.

The exhibition “LGBTQIA+ BXL” in the Bracketed space displays the most important items yielded by that collection.

These new acquisitions enrich the heritage and knowledge of the history of Brussels’ queer movement and cultures.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Asexual or Aromantic



B. Brolet, Portrait of Maman wearing the dress made by Serge Koeckoekx, 2012

J-B. Van Moer, Vue de la Senne et du cabaret de l'Ours depuis le pont Middeleer, 1868 © Brussels City Museum

Bourse by the Senne

From October 26, 2021 to Februari 13, 2002

Do you remember walking down the streets of Brussels with your feet in the water ? Before the central boulevards were laid down and the Senne was covered over, 150 years ago. At the time, the Senne played a major role in the development of the city.

Through the centuries, the vicinity of the river has been the site of a great variety of buildings, functions and activities. This exhibition illustrates the dynamic life along the banks of the Senne. It invites you to take a journey to the base of the current Bourse (stock exchange) building, before and after the covering of this enigmatic river.