Nocturnes of the Brussels museums

From 11.04.24 > 11.04.24

Tonight, let’s play at the museum! On the occasion of the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, the City Museum invites you to come and play!

  • Behind the scenes of the pop-up exhibition Let’s Play!  Accompanied by the museum’s scientific team, explore the fascinating history of games. Leisure activities or social interaction. Everyone engages in these recreational activities. Card games, board games, game tables, miniature toys for children, the most elaborate optical games and much more. Come and find out all about games.
  • The sculpture of Minerva, or Liberty, the painting of the Butter Market and a dozen other works in the museum are reinterpreted by the Voice of travellers. Inspired by Greek, Algerian, Togolese and Moldovan songs, the choristers will take you on a voyage through languages spoken by many Brussels residents.
  • Would you like to learn more about the history of Brussels itself? Our standing guides are available in the various rooms of the museum.

Practical information

  • Admission fees:
    – €6: age 26 onwards
    – €3: age 13 to 25
    – Free: up to age 12
    – Nocturnes Pass
  • Reserve your ticket here


Nocturne des musées bruxellois