Sunday December 6, 2016

First sunday of the month

First sunday of the month

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> Sunday April 30, 2017

Recovery of an exceptional piece

Recovery of an exceptional piece
The Pieter Coecke tapestry cartoon
The museum is restoring an exceptional work: an immense picture of 3.40 m x 3.80 m dating back to the 16th century and featuring the Martyrdom of St. Paul. This restoration work will be carried out in the large room on the second floor of the Brussels Museum, over a period of 18 months, and the work will take place. The general public will therefore be able to observe the restoration work up close during the restoration artists’ working hours. As a commentary to this process, an exhibition will invite the public to explore the artistic and historic world of this exceptional piece.

Of BX1, the first season of Renaissance:

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New acquisition

Portrait d’une famille dans la cour d’un palais bruxellois

Portrait d’une famille dans la cour d’un palais bruxellois

This magnificent 17th century Brussels painting, which was put up for sale in Vienna last October, was acquired thanks to the King Baudouin Foundation and several private patrons.

This painting is both a residence portrait and a family portrait. It is a patrician residence in Brussels, in front of the Hotel de Ville, whose tower is recognized on the left. This picture offers a rare and extraordinary testimony of what was a patrician residence of the Renaissance and the Baroque period in Brussels: a forgotten heritage, which was nevertheless brilliant at the height of the role of royal and imperial capital played by Brussels in the past.


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A ne pas manquer #1
Due to the circumstances, we ask our visitors to open their bag and their coat at the entrance of the Museum. NO LUGGAGE.