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Affiches Belle Epoque

Affiches Belle Epoque

A unique collection

With their advertising messages, these posters heralded the consumer society. They extolled the joys of a multitude of products, from telephones and bicycles to circuses and theatres. The artists set their sights on the image of the middle-class, liberated woman of the time, the spearhead of this desire for luxury and modernity. Their huge public popularity created a phenomenon called "affichomanie" or "poster frenzy", with fans amassing huge collections. The exhibition presents the collection of Ernest de Try, which was bequeathed to the City of Brussels in 1934. This collection, shown to the public for the every first time, is characterised by its exceptional attention to everyday life in Brussels. It is the perfect summer discovery !

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09.05.18 > 03.09.18

Affiches Belle Epoque

Affiches Belle Epoque

For kids

Colours, drawings, techniques, a fun visit is designed especially for children from 7 to 12 years.

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First sunday of the month

First sunday of the month

On the first Sunday of every month admission to the museum is free.


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I have kneaded mud and made it into gold. Charles Baudelaire

Assist an evening filled with slam and declamations, given by youngsters who inspired themselves by the words and correspondences of Baudelaire. Nice invitation, right?

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Pass presale: 27 museums: 11 €, 27 museums + afterparty: 19€
Pass Sale 03.03: 27 museums: 15 €, 27 museums + afterparty: 23€


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