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The Grand Place to be

The Grand Place to be

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List, The Grand-Place to be reveals all the secrets of this square which is a symbol of the architecture and life in Brussels.

Standing five metres tall, the original statue of Saint Michael, specially moved for the occasion, guides the visitor through some rare and previously unseen rooms. Paintings, objects, engravings and photographs illustrate the square’s eventful history, its various functions and uses and its transformations from the 12th century to today. The restoration workshops are presented to the public for the first time.

A true behind-the-scenes discovery of the most beautiful square in the world!


04.10.2018 > 29.12.19

An unprecedented virtual reality experience

An unprecedented virtual reality experience
The visitor, wearing a headset, goes back in time to discover the Grand-Place in the 17th century. Suddenly, a cannon ball plunges them into “the” moment which dramatically tipped Brussels into terror: the bombardment of 1695. A key moment in the city’s history and the origin of its architectural and urban revival.

To be enjoyed as a family (a special kids version is available from age 12).

Price: € 2

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