Visit Brussels awards

Visit Brussels awards

The exhibition Baudelaire > < Brussels is nominated for VisitBrussels Awards in the category « Most noted exhibition 2017 ».

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Thursday September 07 > Sunday March 11, 2018

Baudelaire >< Brussels

Baudelaire >< Brussels

Towards the end of his life, Charles Baudelaire spent two years in Brussels, from 1864 to 1866. A period of resentment, illness and misery led audelaire, author of Les Fleurs du Mal, to write an offensive pamphlet – unpublished in his lifetime, Pauvre Belgique! This pamphlet contains all the poet's grievances against Belgium and is the underlying theme of this exhibition.

This pamphlet contains all the poet's grievances against Belgium and is the underlying theme of this exhibition. In addition to the poet's defamatory comments, we invite you on a unique, irreverent visit to the Belgian capital in the 1860s, with Baudelaire as your guide. This is Brussels towards the end of King Leopold I's reign, with the Senne, black soap, dogcarts and the first photographs.


Thursday September 14, 2017 - 6.30 pm

"History" Thursdays

Baudelaire and Rops

Conference by Véronique Carpiaux, Conservatrice du Musée provincial Félicien Rops (in French)

Throughout this story, the Maison du Roi, where the exhibition is held, occupies a special place. It was on the pretext of giving five conferences in this venerable building that led Baudelaire to settle in Brussels in 1864. This was where the historical meeting between Baudelaire and Brussels failed to take place, and where they would be reunited 150 years later.

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Place: Gothic Room at the Brussels Town Hall
Admission: € 8, € 6, € 4, € 0

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Saturday March 3, 2018

Museum Night Fever

Museum Night Fever

I have kneaded mud and made it into gold. Charles Baudelaire

Assist an evening filled with slam and declamations, given by youngsters who inspired themselves by the words and correspondences of Baudelaire. Nice invitation, right?

7.00 am > 02.00 pm
Pass presale: 27 museums: 11 €, 27 museums + afterparty: 19€
Pass Sale 03.03: 27 museums: 15 €, 27 museums + afterparty: 23€

Sunday March 4, 2018

First sunday of the month

First sunday of the month

On the first Sunday of every month admission to the museum is free.


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